Transidupe parts list

Hardware that is needed for TransiDupe. In addition to a 3D printer and filament.

Many of these can be gotten from different suppliers. I put down the versions I used myself. (Note that you might not need everything that is on this list, depending on what choices you make when your construct your Transidupe.)

Hardware store hardware (Mostly from Home Depot and Amazon)
1/4 in. -20 nut ($1.18 per 8-pack) HD
1/4-20 thumb screw. ($11.24 per 100 pack) AMZ
     Alternate version ($10.64 per 100 pack) AMZ
     You can also get a metal 1/4 in -20 thumb screw from Home Depot ($1.18 per 2-pack) HD
3/4 in. mini spring clamps ($0.37 ea. Get a bunch.)
A 20 pack of Suspend-it 1 in. panel _HD_ clips (in case the back plate needs doesn't snap into place on the rear step-up ring.) ($4.97 per 20-pack) HD

Flexible Magnetic Sheets with Adhesive (Note that the adhesive probably won't stick to PLA. I use 5 minute epoxy.), 12mm (1/2") neodymium rare-earth magnets (optional, smaller magnets for test holding the working magnets while testing) HD

Craft type things
1 1/8 in. Art tape ($4.94 ea.) AMZ Used to smooth out the rails on your negative carriers (so the film doesn't rub on rough 3D printed plastic
3/4 in. electrical tape HD To cover up the center of the negative carrier, so the image part of the film doesn't rub against the rough 3D printed plastic.

Camera store hardware
Step-up ring(s) B&H (Alternate AMZ) You need at least one step-up ring to mount the rear tube to. The first measurement is the size of your lens's front mount. The 2nd number can be either 67 or 78 (for the non-PVC tube version); xx-88 for the PVC tube version. (Check the smallreardiskdiameter and largereardiskdiameter variables!)

For instance, if your lens front mount is 52mm and you will be using a 77mm back plate, you'd order a 52-77 step-up ring. (67 will do if you get real lucky and the rear plate securely snaps into place. But if your back plate doesn't end up self supporting, then a 77mm step-=up ring allows you room to use clamps to secure the back plate to the ring. Stuff happens.

(Tripod... lights... diffusion material...)

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