Test set under various illuminants

Includes ColorChecker chart and yellow French's mustard bottle

Mostly images of this set, lit with different lights. The gamut of the images are plotted against sRGB. And image gamuts are plotted against other image gamuts.

Also of crops from the set

  1. ColorChecker chart (under above lights.) Cyan pokes out of sRGB a bit.
  2. French's mustard bottle (under above lights.) Yellow pokes out of sRGB a bit.

"CC-..." is just ColorChecker chart. "Set-..." is the whole set.

Cubic Colorspace Units describes the volume of the gamut. e.g. Larger = larger gamut. It does not describe anything like "percentage of sRGB", except in general terms.

35 plots

(01-Walmart-Frenches-Lab_IMG_0072) (06_cld-day-frenchs_Lab_IMG_0107) (sRGB)
(01-Walmart-Frenches-Lab_IMG_0072) (06_cld-day-frenchs_Lab_IMG_0107)
(01-Walmart-Frenches-Lab_IMG_0072) (sRGB)
(06_cld-day-frenchs_Lab_IMG_0107) (01-Walmart-Frenches-Lab_IMG_0072)
(06_cld-day-frenchs_Lab_IMG_0107) (sRGB)

(CC-01-01-CC-Walmart-01_IMG_0072) (CC-01-03-CC-Aputure-01_IMG_0072)
(CC-01-01-CC-Walmart-01_IMG_0072) (CC-01-04-CC-Daylight-01_IMG_0072)
(CC-01-01-CC-Walmart-01_IMG_0072) (sRGB)
(CC-01-02-CC-Cree-01_IMG_0072) (CC-01-03-CC-Aputure-01_IMG_0072)
(CC-01-02-CC-Cree-01_IMG_0072) (CC-01-04-CC-Daylight-01_IMG_0072)
(CC-01-02-CC-Cree-01_IMG_0072) (sRGB)
(CC-01-03-CC-Aputure-01_IMG_0072) (CC-01-04-CC-Daylight-01_IMG_0072)
(CC-01-03-CC-Aputure-01_IMG_0072) (sRGB)
(CC-01-04-CC-Daylight-01_IMG_0072) (CC-01_00-DCP-01_MacbethCC-LAB-L)
(CC-01-04-CC-Daylight-01_IMG_0072) (sRGB)
(CC-01_00-DCP-01_MacbethCC-LAB-L) (CC-01-04-CC-Daylight-01_IMG_0072)
(CC-01_00-DCP-01_MacbethCC-LAB-L) (sRGB)

(Set-01-Walmart-Lab_IMG_0072) (Set-04-Aputure-Lab_IMG_0081)
(Set-01-Walmart-Lab_IMG_0072) (Set-06_Real-cloudy-daylight-Lab_IMG_0107)
(Set-01-Walmart-Lab_IMG_0072) (sRGB)
(Set-03-Cree-Lab_IMG_0077) (Set-04-Aputure-Lab_IMG_0081)
(Set-03-Cree-Lab_IMG_0077) (Set-06_Real-cloudy-daylight-Lab_IMG_0107)
(Set-03-Cree-Lab_IMG_0077) (sRGB)
(Set-04-Aputure-Lab_IMG_0081) (Set-06_Real-cloudy-daylight-Lab_IMG_0107)
(Set-04-Aputure-Lab_IMG_0081) (sRGB)
(Set-06_Real-cloudy-daylight-Lab_IMG_0107) (sRGB)
(sRGB) (01-Walmart-Frenches-Lab_IMG_0072) (06_cld-day-frenchs_Lab_IMG_0107)
(sRGB) (01-Walmart-Frenches-Lab_IMG_0072)
(sRGB) (06_cld-day-frenchs_Lab_IMG_0107)
(sRGB) (AdobeRGB)

Short nameDescriptionCubic
01-Walmart-Frenches-Lab_IMG_0072French's bottle Walmart daylight LED372,018
06_cld-day-frenchs_Lab_IMG_0107French's bottle real cloudy daylight328,965
AdobeRGBAdobe RGB (1998)1,209,986
CC-01-01-CC-Walmart-01_IMG_0072CC lit by Walmart daylight177,390
CC-01-02-CC-Cree-01_IMG_0072CC lit by Cree daylight181,929
CC-01-03-CC-Aputure-01_IMG_0072CC lit by Aputure Amaran AL-H198170,225
CC-01-04-CC-Daylight-01_IMG_0072CC lit by real (cloudy) daylight174,159
CC-01_00-DCP-01_MacbethCC-LAB-LDry Creeks Photo CC averaged174,393
Set-01-Walmart-Lab_IMG_0072Set lit with Walmart daylight LED551,646
Set-03-Cree-Lab_IMG_0077Set lit with Cree daylight LED570,282
Set-04-Aputure-Lab_IMG_0081Set lit with Apature Amaran AL-H198 LED panel609,472
Set-06_Real-cloudy-daylight-Lab_IMG_0107Set lit with real (cloudy) daylight586,182

Short nameDescription(Approx.) percent*
170,225CC-01-03-CC-Aputure-01_IMG_0072CC lit by Aputure Amaran AL-H198 20.4 percent of sRGB
174,159CC-01-04-CC-Daylight-01_IMG_0072CC lit by real (cloudy) daylight 20.9 percent of sRGB
174,393CC-01_00-DCP-01_MacbethCC-LAB-LDry Creeks Photo CC averaged 20.9 percent of sRGB
177,390CC-01-01-CC-Walmart-01_IMG_0072CC lit by Walmart daylight 21.3 percent of sRGB
181,929CC-01-02-CC-Cree-01_IMG_0072CC lit by Cree daylight 21.8 percent of sRGB
328,96506_cld-day-frenchs_Lab_IMG_0107French's bottle real cloudy daylight 39.5 percent of sRGB
372,01801-Walmart-Frenches-Lab_IMG_0072French's bottle Walmart daylight LED 44.6 percent of sRGB
551,646Set-01-Walmart-Lab_IMG_0072Set lit with Walmart daylight LED 66.2 percent of sRGB
570,282Set-03-Cree-Lab_IMG_0077Set lit with Cree daylight LED 68.4 percent of sRGB
586,182Set-06_Real-cloudy-daylight-Lab_IMG_0107Set lit with real (cloudy) daylight 70.3 percent of sRGB
609,472Set-04-Aputure-Lab_IMG_0081Set lit with Apature Amaran AL-H198 LED panel 73.1 percent of sRGB
833,600sRGBsRGB100.0 percent of sRGB
1,209,986AdobeRGBAdobe RGB (1998)100.0 percent of Adobe RGB (1998)

*(Approx. percent is the total volume in cubic colorspace units divided by the nearest standard color space times 100. This is sort of accurate for monitors that generally attempt to be a standard color space, like "sRGB" or "Adobe RGB (1998)" and if the gamut being compared is completly enclosed by the larger space. Not so accurate for things like printer gamuts that don't match up to color spaces like sRGB.

These 3D plots are generated by Argyll CMS viewgam. Viewgam calculates the cubic colorspace units. (See the metadata below each graph.)