Color spaces, monitor, and paper profiles

sRGB describes the color space of a typical consumer monitor. Used to edit images that will be viewed on a screen (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
Adobe RGB (1998) is a larger color space designed for editing images that will be printed on a printer.

Lenovo-Flex-14_2018-08-30_1 is a $600 Lenovo 6 14 inch screen
Lenovo-Yoga-i1DP-WL is a $1,600 Lenovo Yoga 920 with a 4K screen
Toshiba_Win 7 is an old Toshiba Satellite T135D - S1324 laptop
Surface-WL is my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. A high quality Windows laptop/tablet that is very close to sRGB.
NEC-PA241W-Native is my NEC PA241W in native mode (a wide gamut semi-pro monitor.)
Thinkpad_07_11 is a laptop monitor that is much smaller than sRGB. Beware of editing images on a cheap laptop monitors!

Adorama-endglossy_031 is AdoramaPix Glossy (A typical minilab print--easily fits in sRGB)
RR_UltraProGloss_EpR3000 is Red River UltraProGloss Epson R3000 (A typical wide gamut inkjet print) Look at this one in sRGB!
RSWOP is RSWOP (CYMK prepress. Adobe RGB (1998) was designed for CMYK prepress.)

DCI-P3 About the same size as Adobe RGB but is designed for monitors not for printers.
Rec2020-elle-V2-g22 is from Elle Stone's Well-Behaved ICC Profiles and Code. Rec. 2020 is asperational. There are no real world monitors that can display Rec. 2020. And is already obsolete (Rec. 2020 doesn't support HDR. Rec. 2100 does.)
(It is tricky finding v2 versions of the newer color spaces.)

Cubic Colorspace Units describes the volume of the gamut. e.g. Larger = larger gamut.

41 plots

(AdobeRGB) (DCI-P3)
(AdobeRGB) (Rec2020-elle-V2-g22)
(Adorama-endglossy_0311) (AdobeRGB)
(Adorama-endglossy_0311) (DCI-P3)
(Adorama-endglossy_0311) (sRGB)

(DCI-P3) (AdobeRGB) (NEC-PA241W-Native)
(DCI-P3) (AdobeRGB) (Rec2020-elle-V2-g22)
(DCI-P3) (AdobeRGB)
(DCI-P3) (NEC-PA241W-Native)

(Lenovo-Flex-14_2018-08-30_1) (sRGB)
(Lenovo-Yoga-i1DP-WL) (sRGB)

(NEC-PA241W-Native) (AdobeRGB)
(NEC-PA241W-Native) (ProPhoto)
(NEC-PA241W-Native) (Rec2020-elle-V2-g22)
(NEC-PA241W-Native) (Simplified-image-P3) (AdobeRGB)
(NEC-PA241W-Native) (Simplified-image-P3)
(NEC-PA241W-Native) (sRGB)

(Rec2020-elle-V2-g22) (ProPhoto)
(RR_UltraProGloss_EpR3000) (AdobeRGB)
(RR_UltraProGloss_EpR3000) (NEC-PA241W-Native)
(RR_UltraProGloss_EpR3000) (ProPhoto)
(RR_UltraProGloss_EpR3000) (Rec2020-elle-V2-g22)
(RR_UltraProGloss_EpR3000) (Simplified-image-P3)
(RR_UltraProGloss_EpR3000) (sRGB)
(RSWOP) (AdobeRGB)
(RSWOP) (ProPhoto)
(RSWOP) (Rec2020-elle-V2-g22)
(RSWOP) (Simplified-image-P3)

(sRGB) (AdobeRGB) (CIERGB)
(sRGB) (AdobeRGB) (ProPhoto)
(sRGB) (AdobeRGB)
(sRGB) (DCI-P3) (AdobeRGB)
(sRGB) (NEC-PA241W-Native)
(sRGB) (Rec2020-elle-V2-g22) (AdobeRGB)
(sRGB) (Rec2020-elle-V2-g22)
(sRGB) (Rec2020-elle-V2-lab)
(Surface-WL) (sRGB)

(ThinkPad_07-11_NAT) (sRGB)
(Toshiba_Win 7) (sRGB)

Short nameDescriptionCubic
AdobeRGBAdobe RGB (1998)1,209,986
Adorama-endglossy_0311Adorama Glossy (03-2011)512,026
Lenovo-Flex-14_2018-08-30_1Lenovo Flex 14 14"491,682
Lenovo-Yoga-i1DP-WLLenovo Yoga 920932,459
NEC-PA241W-NativeNEC-PA241W Native1,317,053
Rec2020-elle-V2-g22Rec2020 Elle Stone gamma 2.21,858,967
Rec2020-elle-V2-labRec2020 Elle Stone Lab1,859,075
RR_UltraProGloss_EpR3000Red River UltraProGloss Epson R3000839,960
Simplified-image-P3DCI-P3 (Maybe. Exported from Photoshop)1,234,593
Surface-WLSurface Pro 3 (White LED)853,029
ThinkPad_07-11_NATLenovo IBM ThinkPad T60 (7/11/2007) Native501,519
Toshiba_Win 7Toshiba Satellite T135D - S1324 laptop476,732

Short nameDescription(Approx.) percent*
426,218RSWOPRSWOP (printer)
476,732Toshiba_Win 7Toshiba Satellite T135D - S1324 laptop 57.2 percent of sRGB
491,682Lenovo-Flex-14_2018-08-30_1Lenovo Flex 14 14" 59.0 percent of sRGB
501,519ThinkPad_07-11_NATLenovo IBM ThinkPad T60 (7/11/2007) Native 60.2 percent of sRGB
512,026Adorama-endglossy_0311Adorama Glossy (03-2011) (printer)
833,600sRGBsRGB100.0 percent of sRGB
839,960RR_UltraProGloss_EpR3000Red River UltraProGloss Epson R3000 (printer)
853,029Surface-WLSurface Pro 3 (White LED)102.3 percent of sRGB
932,459Lenovo-Yoga-i1DP-WLLenovo Yoga 920111.9 percent of sRGB
1,209,986AdobeRGBAdobe RGB (1998)100.0 percent of Adobe RGB (1998)
1,234,593Simplified-image-P3DCI-P3 (Maybe. Exported from Photoshop)102.0 percent of Adobe RGB (1998)
1,317,053NEC-PA241W-NativeNEC-PA241W Native108.8 percent of Adobe RGB (1998)
1,327,001DCI-P3DCI-P3109.7 percent of Adobe RGB (1998)
1,817,671CIERGBCIERGB 97.8 percent of Rec. 2020
1,858,967Rec2020-elle-V2-g22Rec2020 Elle Stone gamma 2.2 100.0 percent of Rec. 2020
1,859,075Rec2020-elle-V2-labRec2020 Elle Stone Lab100.0 percent of Rec. 2020
2,898,347ProPhotoProPhoto100.0 percent of ProPhoto

*(Approx. percent is the total volume in cubic colorspace units divided by the nearest standard color space times 100. This is sort of accurate for monitors that generally attempt to be a standard color space, like "sRGB" or "Adobe RGB (1998)" and if the gamut being compared is completly enclosed by the larger space. Not so accurate for things like printer gamuts that don't match up to color spaces like sRGB.

These 3D plots are generated by Argyll CMS viewgam. Viewgam calculates the cubic colorspace units. (See the metadata below each graph.)

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