What's new with Frogdown

12/6/2018 Started long overdue revamp to responsive design. i.e., so the same design works on both desktop and mobile, which is still a work in progress. Meaning that the look and feel is a bit rough. But it works on a cell phone now. Now Google's persnickety Is your web page mobile-friendly? page doesn't complain. Copy-and-paste http://www.frogymandias.org/ into the search box.

Yeah! Arm-pump.

And got rid of the old separate .mobile and .tablet versions. Which didn't work that well anyway.

12/5/2018 Did some much needed editing of the home page. To get closer to making the concept be as sharp as the vision.

12/4/2018 Remembered that I forgot to update this page! I have been working in the Color Gamuts section. Mainly in the 3D Color Gamuts section. (Changing obsolete .vrml 3D models (that require an obscure plugin) to be XD3DOM (that should work in any browser with no plugin.))

2/29/2016 Added new page describing how to make a camera scanning adapter with a 3D printer.

Um, Frogdown hasn't gotten any updates because I've been using it right along to add other pages (look at the home page closely) and it works quite well as it is.

3/21/2014 Added support for dirconfig.cfg which is a configuration file that affects the current directory only. Anything defined in this overrides the normal configuration files. Reason: I wanted to override the footers in some directories.

3/17/2014 Happy St. Patricks day. Added new 'flc' and 'fa' tags to imagebox. And added

MakeTheseJPEGs = png|tif|tiff

variable to config files. To solve headaches I discovered when writing new documentation.

Made '_' handling in file names be more robust. (There should not be any problems with using any combination of '_' characters in file names. You have watch out when using '_' characters in normal text though, because Markdown will use the '_' character to as the delimiters for italics. '_' is the 'start-of-italics delimiter and '_' is the end-of-italics delimiter. (MarkdownWrapper.pl calls Markdown in the middle of processing, which is what made handling '_' characters in filenames be so much fun.))

11/15/2013 Blew off the mothballs and added a mailto tag. And added a filter to the links code so that _ underscore characters in URLs won't cause problems. As I said before, this is tricky, but we'll see how the new filter works.

7/9/2013 Changed %table% and \verse% so they support Markdown markup. Found that image file filenames with a leading underscore ('_') character cause problems, so (for now) they will not be processed. (Markdown's handling of underscores is one of its most criticized aspects and I haven't figured out a workaround yet.)

Which reminded me to tweak DoAllFrogs.pl so that it will also reject .md files that start with a '' Because .md files that start with an '' are only for debugging from the command prompt.

Removed sections of this page that are now incorporated in the documentation proper. I added a link to the documentation, and struck out a portion of the omitted text. (And added %s%text to be struck out%/s% tags for strikeout to MarkdownWrapper.pl)

7/8/2013 Worked on error checking some more. You can enter Debug as either the 2nd or 3rd parameter (the 2nd parameter is normally the config file and you need to be able to debug what a config file does.) And reworked error messages so they are hopefully more illuminating.

Added HTML 'name' and 'ID' attributes. With an automated named links generator. See Links to internal names (Currently this does not work on the mobile (i.e., jQuery Mobile) sites.)

Added more options to a lot of what is described on the Intro to Frogdown page. And worked on the Frogdown documentation. The .csst files were modified to support new features so they need to be updated. The old ones aren't compatible.

Redid the _%verse%_ tag to have options.

7/6/2013 Made error checking code be more robust. If you enter Debug as the 2nd parameter (normally is the configuration file), it will display some configuration information and then stop without doing any further processing (which was the function of the deprecated '_MakeMeSmile.md' file.) Will also trap more fatal errors, display the errors and then stop. Instead of the previous behavior of proceding blithely on processing even though there were fatal errors.

7/5/2013 Renamed 'FrogDown' to 'Frogdown' to match Markdown. Linux casedness being what it is, you probably should delete your frog*_html directories and regenerate everything from your .md files. And take a close look at how your .md files are named. Run DoAllFrogs.sh and GenAll.sh in both your authoring and Frogdown (yes, this is renamed also) directories. Camel case is its own reward.

Added user definable _<span>_ tags. Add a section like...

7/2/2013 Added additional font declaration template variables to frog.csst.

_BodyBackgroundColor = #eee
_BodyFontFamily = Calibrixx, Verdanaxx, Arial, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif
_BodyFontColor = Black
_HeadingFontFamily = Cambria, Arial, "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, sans-serif
_PreBackgroundColor = #fffaf4
_CodeFontFamily = Consolasxx, "Lucida Console", "Courier New", Courier, "Andale Mono", Monaco, Monospace
_CodeFontFamilyx = Georgia, Garamond, Palatino, "Times New Roman", Times, serif
_CodeFontSize = 12px

and corresponding %%CodeFontFamily%% (etc.) variables in the rest of the .csst file. To make it easy to experiment with changing fonts. Pay real close attention to the Table of fonts installed on each operating system If you know of a better such list then please let us know at info@frogymandias.org.

You should also change the style sheet declaration in your .cfg files to use this notation:

    <link REL="StyleSheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="%%_PathToHome%%frog.css" media="all">

so your HTML will always use the .css file that is in your DocumentRoot So you don't have to have a different .csst file for every directory you use.

About _PathToHome

Various internal changes to MarkdownWrapper.pl to hopefully make it more robust. (But I noticed when writing the preceding paragraphs that I still have some issues with escaping the '%' character. Noted.)

Various changes to Frogdown.zip so that it is hopefully less confusing.

7/1/2013 Added non-break space. Preface any space character with a backslash () to make it non-breaking...

Added new _%verse%_ block tag. That acts like HTML <pre>, except that it doesn't change...

Added support for inline links, inline images, and tables. Will eventually add them to the documentation proper.

6/27/2013 Added _DoAllFrogs.pl_ script that generates a GenAll.bat batch (Windows) or GenAll.sh shell (Linux) script that will run MarkdownWrapper.pl on all .md files in the directory.

Added a new template for tablets. Right now it is nothing earthshaking. I just copied the mobile configuration file and changed MaxImageWidth = 300 to MaxImageWidth = 700 so the images will be generated larger. http://tablet.frogymandias.org But it is a start. If you use DoAllFrogs.pl, then invoke it like

DoAllFrogs.pl frog frog-mobile frog-tablet

to get a GenAll script that will generate all the HTML files. (Don't forget that you need to manually copy the themes directory for the new frog_tablet directory so that Mobile jQuery will work right. Still need to fix this so Markdownwrapper.pl can copy more than single files.

Comments? Write to info@frogymandias.org